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Feeling stuck or overwhelmed?
Passionate about an idea, but unsure where to start?

I’ll help you take the steps necessary to reach your next level.


What is Life Coaching?

Coaching promotes future forward thinking.
Coaching is not counseling or therapy;
it is a self-directed, action plan toward your future self.

What is Counseling?

Counseling attempts to understand the cause of the problem felt by individuals. It is a conversation with an expert that helps people gain a better understanding of their own behavior and emotions.

What is The Pay It Forward Initiative Life Coaching and Mentoring?

Paying it forward is a movement toward social change, making a difference by
turning barriers into positive life lessons
to be shared with the masses, one person at a time.

Paying it forward is Self-Care.
Self Care is self preservation,
the refusal to be boxed into social norms
or defined by antiquated societal values.

Power comes from knowing yourself,
believing in yourself,
and standing up for yourself.

The feeling is contagious.
So pay it forward.
Take charge.
Move forward.

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About Us

Our Mission

The Pay It Forward Initiative Life Coaching and Mentoring services strives to promote positive self-identity, increase self-awareness, and enhance self-actualization,
helping navigate women, men, teens and young adults through challenges unique to adolescence, adulthood and life.

Deirdre Jones-Lowman
Deirdre L. Jones-Lowman, Managing Director

About Coach Deirdre

Life Coach and Mentor, Coach Deirdre Jones-Lowman believes in the power of positive thinking,
and that barriers are not deterrents, but building blocks to success.

Deirdre is a wife, mother, scholar, and social entrepreneur who believes that
individuals innately possess an inner strength which contributes to their resiliency and empowerment.

Coach Deirdre is currently a Ph.D candidate in Human Services Administration; and, currently holds an MBA
as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and English.
She is a Youth Coaching Institute/International Coaching Federation, Certified Life Coach and

Youth Leadership Mentor Coach

As Owner and Founder of DJ Squared Consultative Group, a Career and Life Management consulting group,

Coach Deirdre  is a youth-centric motivational speaker  and has partnered with the Daughters of Isis Foundation (Queens, NY),
The State of Maryland, Department of Human Resources as well as A Cause, A Concern, A Solution (Queens, NY).

Coach Deirdre  is an original co-founder of Empowered Community Development Corporation, a non-profit ,
social service resource, in Philadelphia, PA.  Additionally, she is a Nationally Certified Homeownership Education
program manager and  a Nationally certified Mortgage Foreclosure Intervention Specialist where she has advocated
for fair housing, unemployment, and mortgage foreclosures on behalf of the residents of the City of Philadelphia.

Our Offerings

Our Offerings

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How it Works

Group Coaching

Group coaching is conducted on-site or via videoconference.
All other services are available by phone, teleconference, or videoconference.

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Private Coaching

After signing up you will schedule your initial, confidential 30 minute, one on one coaching assessment. Although, your first two coaching sessions are complimentary, we do require a 90 day coaching commitment.

Each week, we will discuss your progress and/or barriers to goal attainment.

Private coaching sessions will be billed monthly until the through the end of your 90 day commitment. Receive three 50-min sessions weekly for just $140 per month  for 3 months.

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Private Coaching Plan

Experience the benefits of Life coaching,
your first two coaching sessions are FREE.

Then, get three 50-minute sessions  a week
for just $140/month with a 3-month commitment.

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Supportive Coaching

Finished your 13-week plan
and need follow-up support?

Order a 90-day coaching extension package at any time
to ensure that you keep moving forward.

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