What is The Pay It Forward Initiative?

The Pay It Forward Initiative is a human resources consulting, health and wellness, executive and leadership coaching service. We offer services for individuals who are ready to take charge and move forward: personally and professionally.

Pay it forward is a self-care movement toward individual and social change, making a difference by turning barriers into positive life lessons to be shared, one person at a time.

Paying it forward is self-care. Self-care is self-preservation, the refusal to be boxed into social norms or defined by antiquated societal values.

Power comes from knowing yourself, believing in yourself, and standing up for yourself. The feeling is contagious.

Take charge. Move forward.

Why I Started Life Coaching?

I started coaching to give women their power back.

Women deserve to succeed.

Women deserve to manifest.

Women deserve to be empowered. 

Women deserve to get tired.

Our Mission

The mission of the Pay It Forward Initiative Coaching and Mentoring Service is to influence self-care, champion diligence, perseverance, and industry while promoting leadership, domestically and professionally, through coaching and mentoring.

-Deirdre L. Jones-Lowman, PhD, MBA, ACC, Founder and Managing Director

Coaching vs. Counseling

Coaching promotes forward-thinking.

Coaching is not counseling; it is a self-directed action plan for your future self.

Counseling attempts to understand the cause of the problem felt by individuals. It is a conversation with an expert that helps people gain a better understanding of their own behavior and emotions.