Career and Life Management Coaching Services

Restorative Coaching

Available in Group Coaching and Individual Coaching

Mindfulness & Meditation

Self-Care Strategies

Work-Life Balance Strategies

Stress Management

Success Coaching

Available in Group Coaching and Individual Coaching

Org Development Intervention

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Professional Development

Twilight Services

These sessions are scheduled between 8 p.m.-12 a.m.

Twilight Services are applicable to all of the services above.

Supportive Coaching

Do you need additional coaching sessions? or need follow-up support?

Additional sessions can be scheduled at any time to ensure that you keep moving forward.

Private Coaching

I work with women leaders, privately, in a 90 day coaching program. As a private client, each 1:1 client-led coaching session is unique to you. Each session, we will discuss your progress and/or barriers to your goal attainment. You will also receive tools to take consistent action toward breakthroughs, allowing for transformation to happen.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is conducted on-site or via Zoom videoconference.

All other services are available by phone, teleconference, or videoconference.

If you are a working woman ready to take charge and move forward, book your 50-minute, complimentary coaching assessment to determine if life coaching is a for you. You will learn the flow of the sessions, all bonuses and gifts, and the investment for this future-forward journey.