Career and Life Management Services

Restorative Coaching

Available in Group Coaching and Individual Coaching

Mindfulness & Meditation

Self-Care Strategies

Stress Reduction

Personal Coaching

Success Coaching

Available in Group Coaching and Individual Coaching

Financial Coaching

Work-Life Balance Strategeies

Executive Planning

Professional Development

Twilight Services

These sessions are scheduled between 8pm-12am

Twilight Services are applicable to all of the services above.

Supportive Coaching

Do you need additional coaching sessions? or need follow-up support?

Additional sessions can be scheduled at any time to ensure that you keep moving forward.

Private Coaching

I work with women, privately, in a 3-month program. As a private client, each client-led session is unique to you. Each week, we will discuss your progress and/or barriers to your goal attainment. You will also receive tools to take consistent action toward breakthroughs, allowing for transformation to happen.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is conducted on-site or via videoconference.

All other services are available by phone, teleconference, or videoconference.

If you are a working woman ready to take charge and move forward, book your 50-minute, complimentary coaching assessment to see if coaching is a fit for you. You will learn the flow of the sessions, all bonuses and gifts, and the investment for this future-forward journey.